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Room Service

Daphne Rosen went on a very long business trip. Ever since she saw the room service guy, she wanted to fuck him. One day, the urge got stronger than she could control. The room service guy got a lot more than his usual tip. No doubt he’ll be servicing Daphne Rosen’s room more often.

Mrs. Drunna & Sienna West

Mrs. Drunna and Sienna West take the principal out to a strip club. They both felt like they could dance better than any of those strippers. They take him back to Mrs. Drunna’s for a strip tease and a little bit more. They all got so horny, it wasn’t long before they were fucking.

She fucks Americans

Marsha just came to the USA all the way from Hungary. It has always been this babe’s fantasy to fuck an American man. We love to make babe’s fantasies come true. Marsha can now honestly say, she’s fucked an American man.

Bar Pickup

After several drinks, Summer was on the hunt for a man to fuck. Being the super hot babe she is, it wasn’t difficult to find a man. One thing lead to another and now everyone can watch it on the internet.